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Hibah Payment

Hibah is given at the discretion of Takaful IKHLAS in which the distributed rates each year is not fixed, depending on the amount declared by Takaful IKHLAS. Takaful IKHLAS is only distributing Hibah at the amount of RM10 upwards to eligible participants, provided that there are no claims initiated within the coverage period to all its participants in the General Takaful Products.

Hibah distribution is possible due to the consistent profit available in Takaful fund based on good underwriting, claims and asset management practices. Hibah is permissible by Shariah where it upholds the virtues of cooperation and mutuality as embodied in the concept of takaful.

Hibah is not an automatic or guaranteed amount paid to qualifying participants. It is purely dependent on the availability of profit in the Takaful fund.

In line with the development of Takaful industry, we encourage e-Payment as the payment mode for Hibah payment. E-payment has been proven as a secure and convenient way of transacting payment.

Participant will be able to experience faster Hibah payment via e-Payment by filling up Hibah Claim Form for this purpose.