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IKHLAS Houseowner Takaful

At Takaful IKHLAS, we offer Comprehensive Houseowner & Householder protection within your private residence with peace of mind as your assets are securely covered.


1. Houseowner – Covers the Building/house structure of your home against loss or damage
2. Householder – Covers Contents of your home such as furniture, household goods, electrical equipment personal effect and valuables.

We cover your property against the following:

1. Fire
2. Lighting
3. Explosion
4. Aircraft damage
5. Impact damage
6. Bursting and overflowing of water tanks
7. Theft (by forcible entry only)
8. Hurricane, cyclone, typhoon, windstorm
9. Earthquake, volcanic eruption
10. Flood
11. Loss of rent (not exceeding 10% of the total sum covered)
12. Personal Public Liability

Householder additional coverage

13. Breakage of mirrors (other than hand mirrors) whilst in your home
14. Compensation for death of the Participant
15. Servant’s property

You may also add up optional benefit with additional contributions,

16. Riot, Strike & Malicious Damage
17. Additional rent coverage
18. Public Liability – additional limit
19. Theft without limitation of being accompanied by actual forcible and violet breaking into and/or out of your home (householder only)

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