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General Questions
Motor Claims
Windscreen Claims
1. What type of contract is applied in e-IKHLAS?
e-IKHLAS Motor Takaful contract is based on Al-Wakalah concept where the participant authorizes the Takaful operator to conduct the affairs of the fund on his/her behalf.
2. What is the e-Covernote?
i) Motor - It is an electronic Covernote application with immediate issuance of new or renewal of Covernote. Paperless, simple and faster since the e-Covernote is automatically linked to JPJ eINSURANS system for road tax issuance
ii) Non- Motor – It is an online electronic certificate application replacing physical certificate. (Paperless)
3. Do I have to register for e-IKHLAS and provide my e-mail address? Is it secured?
i) Definitely! You need to have an email address to gain access to your preferred username and password. All transactions (e-Covernote) will be emailed to your email address and surely your data is secured in accordance to PDPA requirement.
ii) If you do not receive your e-Covernote through email, please check your ‘junk’ or ‘spam’ mail box as the email could have ended up there. Alternatively, you may call our Contact Centre at 03-27239696.
4. Is e-IKHLAS applicable for motorcycle as well?
No. e-IKHLAS only applicable for Private & Company Registered Cars under Comprehensive coverage only. However, you may use our Salam IKHLAS service to subscribe your motorcycle coverage subject to company’s underwriting terms.
5. What is Salam IKHLAS?
It offers convenient transaction for customer where customer can obtain their Takaful cover with just one phone call. Interestingly, all products subscribed through Salam IKHLAS will enjoy rebates up to 25%! For identification, the callers’ id are 03-27239802 and 03-27239521 (subject to normal working hours) or via e-mail at salamikhlas@takaful-ikhlas.com.my
6. How about the rebate given when I subscribe via e-IKHLAS or Salam IKHLAS?
You will enjoy the rebates via e-IKHLAS (except for Company Registered Car) and Salam IKHLAS. The rebates are follows:
  • 10% for IKHLAS Motor Takaful
  • 15% for IKHLAS Houseowner & Householder Takaful
  • 25% for IKHLAS Kembara Takaful
  • 25% for IKHLAS Permata PA Takaful
7. Is there any vehicle that requires special consideration for acceptance and participant/vehicle age limit?
i) Yes. Vehicles of certain models such as 4 wheel drive (4WD), sports car, luxury vehicles and other high risk vehicles.
ii) The maximum age of participant is 70 years old and we only accept vehicle age 15 years old and below for new business. Renewal case for vehicle of more than 15 years old will be imposed loading.
8. What is ‘loading’ and ‘excess’?
i)Loading is additional contribution imposed by the company commensurate with the risk posed by the driver and/or the respective vehicle. For example, when your vehicle involved with an accident during current period of coverage, a 10% loading will be imposed during the next renewal.
ii)There are two types of Excess; One, Excess that has been determined by us for expenses that you have to bear when you make a claim as per the Certificate Schedule. Two, Compulsory Excess (Endorsement 2(f) private car only) where you are responsible for a compulsory excess of RM 400 for each claim, when the car is being driven by the following persons authorised by you:
  • Under the age of 21 years old
  • Holder of a Provisional (L) driving license
  • Not named in the schedule
9. How do you determine Vehicle Market Value/Sum Covered and what if my coverage is under insured?
i)Sum covered/insured is based on Agreed Values in the ISM System (Insurance Services Malaysia Berhad) which is practised by the industries for vehicle market value benchmarking with minimum sum covered/insured of RM 8,000 and maximum of RM 300,000. The Agreed Values can be adjusted manually allowing the participant to choose the preferred sum cover within 10% (above or below) of the recommended sum covered/insured. 
ii)When you are underinsuring your vehicle, you will have to bear the difference of the loss under the principle of average condition and you will be penalised when you make a claim for underinsuring your vehicle.
10. Can I subscribe Third Party Coverage for my vehicle via e-IKHLAS? Please explain what the Comprehensive Coverage is?
No. e-IKHLAS offers Comprehensive coverage only.
i) Comprehensive Cover – protects you against third party’s death, injury and/property damage as well as loss and/or damage to your vehicle due to accidental fire, theft or an accident.
ii) Third Party Cover - only protects you against the third party’s death, bodily injury and/or property damage.
11. What happen if my information provided to e-IKHLAS is incorrect or what if I am blacklisted?
i) The e-IKHLAS system is linked to Road Transport Department (JPJ) system and requests the validation directly. Thus, incorrect information provided will be flagged immediately for your attention.
ii) You may check your vehicle status in e-IKHLAS before proceeding. However, if your vehicle is blacklisted after payment made, you need to settle the fines or summons either from PDRM or JPJ in order to proceed with road tax renewal.
12. What if I want to cancel Covernote or extend my Motor coverage?
i) Download the Endorsement Form (Cancellation Form) at e-IKHLAS website and return to us completed and signed endorsement form.
ii)e-IKHLAS does not accept any extension for IKHLAS Motor Takaful. Alternatively, you can contact our Salam IKHLAS or go to any Takaful IKHLAS branches for this purpose.
13. What is the operating hours for e-IKHLAS online facility?
Operating hours are subject to operating hours of JPJ which is opened from 7.00am till 12.00am (next day).
14. What is the payment mode for e-IKHLAS and when can I renew my motor Takaful coverage?
i) We accept all major credit cards (local banks) as well as Internet banking (FPX).
ii) You may renew your Motor coverage as early as 2 months before expiry date.
15. Ok I would like to subscribe. What should I do?
i) Get ready with your vehicle registration card (Grant).
ii) Refer to e-IKHLAS Manual or e-IKHLAS video for step by step guides.
1. I am involved in car accident. What should I do?
i) Be calm and do not panic. If there are injuries, call 999 for assistance.
ii) Observe and obtain the following details relating to the accident:
  • Names, contact numbers and addresses of all drivers and passenger involved;
  • Registration numbers, make and model of each vehicle involved;
  • Names and contact numbers witnesses;
  • iii) Snap photos of the accident site.
    iv) If your vehicle need to be towed, call our 24 Jam Bantuan IKHLAS at 1-800-88-1186 for towing assistance. Our authorised towing assistance will bring your vehicle to nearest Police station first in order for you to make a police report where photographs of your damaged vehicle will be taken and then bring the car to our Panel Workshop.
    v) You must lodge a police report within 24 hours of the accident as required by law.
    vi) Submit the following documents to our panel workshop:
  • Vehicle Accident Report Form
  • Original Police Report
  • Copy of Vehicle Registration Card
  • Copy of Identification Card & Driving Licence for vehicle owner and driver
  • Copy of Motor Certificate or Covernote
  • vii) Finally, workshop or Takaful IKHLAS will contact you from time to time for claim purposes or you may also monitor your claim via Claim Status through e-IKHLAS website.
    2. What type of claim should I make?
    There are there options for type of claim:
    • Own Damage – Claim involving own damage to your vehicle where you will lose your NCD under this circumstances.
    • Third Party – Claim involving third party when it can be proved that a third party is at fault. This claim will not have any impact on your NCD.
    • Knock for Knock (KFK) – Claim involving chain collision which involves 3 or more vehicles. Your claim is against third party insurers for the cost of repairs in the event of an accident in accordance to the KFK agreement. Your NCD will be not affected under this claim.
    3. What is betterment?
    Betterment is the portion percentage of repair charges to be borne by owners of vehicles aged 5 years old and above if new franchise parts are used in repairs instead of parts of the same age as the vehicle.
    4. My car has been stolen. What should I do?
    i) If your car is stolen, you should immediately lodge a police report within 24 hours.
    ii) Immediately call our Claim Department at 03-27239769 (subject to working hours) to initiate report on the stolen vehicle.
    Return the completed and signed Claim Form within 14 days to Takaful IKHLAS together with the following documents:
    • Claim Form
    • Original Police Report
    • Copy of Registration Card
    • Copy of Identification Card & Driving Licence for vehicle owner and driver
    • Copy of Motor Certificate or Covernote
    5. How long does it takes to process theft claim and what if the vehicle has been recovered?
    i) The process will take 6 months from the date of notification of theft; and/or when official police investigations have been completed, whichever is earlier in compliance with the duration given by the central bank.
    ii) If your vehicle has been recovered before the theft claim is settled, you will have 2 options:
    • To withdraw the Theft Claim (if the vehicle still in good condition)
    • To withdraw the theft claim but pursue with Own Damage Claim (if vehicle recovered not in good condition) or repair at your own expense if you want to retain your NCD entitlement.
    What is NCD?
    NCD stands for No Claim Discount, is a discount given to certificate holder upon renewal of their motor certificate subject to no claim is made from the period of coverage.
    You will not have NCD on your motor certificate if you never buy any motor coverage under your Identification Card and on first year of new motor coverage. For example, 25% NCD will be rewarded after first year of coverage without any claims.
    NCD for Private Cars
    1 year / 12 months without any claims25% Discount
    2 years / 24 months without any claims30% Discount
    3 years / 36 months without any claims38.3% Discount
    4 years / 48 months without any claims45% Discount
    5 years / 60 months or more without any claims55% Discount
    NCD for Motorcycles / Commercial Vehicles
    1 year / 12 months without any claims15% Discount
    2 years / 24 months without any claims20% Discount
    3 years / 36 months without any claims25% Discount
    How will my NCD be forfeited?
    When claim is made prior to your fault (based on the evidence from the investigation/report by the police) and/or the accident involves:
    • Government owned vehicle
    • Motorcycle
    • Diplomat or a foreigner’s vehicle
    • Bad injuries or death
    • Not applicable to windscreen claim.
    NCD can only be transferred to?
    Private vehicle to other private vehicle that registered under same Identification Card Number.
    Company registered vehicle to other company registered vehicle that registered under same Company Registration Number.
    Motorcycle to other motorcycle registered under same Identification Card Number.
    How to know if my vehicle’s windscreen is covered or not?
    You may refer to your Covernote or Certificate under Additional Coverage. Alternatively, call our Contact Centre at 03-27239696.
    What are the documents required?
    • Completed Windscreen Form
    • Police report (if any)
    • Photos before and after repair/replace.
    • Original receipt
    Do I have to pay if I replace or repair my windscreen?
    No. If the windscreen workshop is one of our panel, workshop will handle the claim process and we will pay the workshop directly.
    However if the workshop is not our panel or you already made own arrangement, you may claim reimbursement based on your actual cost via providing us the complete documents.
    What happen if I cannot provide the pictures?
    You are required to lodge a Police report and attach together the relevant documents.
    What happen to my windscreen coverage after I lodged a claim?
    If let say your windscreen coverage is RM 3,000, and the repair/replace cost is only RM 2,000, your windscreen is still covered with remaining balance i.e. RM 1,000. However, if you fully utilise the coverage, you have to reinstate new windscreen coverage for this purpose.